• Presentation1

    Christmas Outfits

    15 December, 2014 | moda

    Hi loves!! With Christmas right around the corner I’m sure so many of you are already planning out what to wear, that’s exactly why I wanted to give you some ideas that will be fun and comfy for the holidays – Mariale

  • kk

    Kylie Jenner Make Up

    12 December, 2014 | Maquillaje

    Good morning loves!!! Lately, everyone loves Kylie Jenner, her make up, lips and hair!! So I figured I would give her look a shot. I don’t expect to look like her and you shouldn’t either, we are all so different!! But why not take some pointers and make her look our own? I hope you […]

  • decoraciones2

    Christmas Decorations!

    8 December, 2014 | Random, Varios

    Hi lives!! Here are some Christmas decor ideas for you :)! – Mariale

  • tree

    Decorating our Christmas Tree

    1 December, 2014 | vida

    Hi loves!! This weekend we finally had some time to put our christmas tree together and ofcourse we had to include you!! Come join us in putting together our christmas tree!! – Mariale