My experience: NYFW February 2015


Hi loves! I just got back from a week at New York Fashion Week where I was working as a host for Fashion One TV, it was an amazing experience! During my stay, I lived and breathed fashion! I woke up very early to get ready, and of course post some updates for you on instagram. The first day I took a taxi to Lincoln Center, where most of the shows were held, but I quickly realized that the only way to get around in New York is the subway, unless you are willing to spend half your day in traffic… And that was a luxury I definitely didn’t have! So for the rest of my stay I turned into what I would like to say is a “mini new yorker”, I had my waking shoes to wear on the subway which I would switch out for heels right before the show.

Along with Fashion One TV I got to go to so many shows, but the best part of it was getting to go backstage. To gain backstage access your name has to be on a list, but even when it’s on the list, some designers can be very special and only allow a small group of people in at a time… So you have to wait in line!! I learned that backstage is total chaos, models, stylists, photographers and media everywhere. Of course, I couldn’t forget my friends from security, they would always look at you as though thinking “you shouldn’t be here”, until you flashed your media badge, then their entire attitude would change to “of course, welcome!!!”. Backstage was chaos but at the same time it was a waiting game, designers are very important people and believe me, they will make you wait for an interview… But it’s worth it! Work backstage isn’t only about the designers though, one of my favorite parts was interviewing the stylists, make up artists and even the models. It was really interesting to see how they got to walk those shows, although I heard the same story a lot “I was scouted and now Im here” Makes it seem so easy!!

Once the backstage interviews were done, we would wait for the show to begin, a lot of times I got to see the models practice their walk and felt so lucky to witness something that isn’t usually shown. I would say this moment was the calm before the storm,  by the time the doors opened, it was total chaos again. People went inside almost running! For me it was always entertaining to look for familiar faces and had the chance to meet a few celebs, which is always fun!! After the show… It’s go time!! Time to start all over again, another backstage and another show!!!

This NYFW experience was a lot different from my previous one, mostly I think because of the weather. Honestly, it was hard! It was hard to pick the clothes, to get from A to B, to shoot pictures, because we had to deal with below freezing temperatures while doing everything. But it was definitely worth it, it was such a unique experience and the city is so different this time of year! Besides, thanks to all the shows, now I know exactly what to wear for next winter!!! My interviews will air soon on Fashion One TV, but don’t worry… I’ll share them with you here as well!!






























Thanks so much to my amazing Fashion One team, Ellie, Jorge and Julie for making this a magic experience!

– Mariale

Winter Pastels


Hi loves! I’m checking in from NYC where I arrived on Wednesday for Fashion Week along with Fashion One. Last year we did the same thing but let me tell you, the experience has been so different! It’s winter so the temperature makes everything a little bit harder, when you are outside you need tons of layers, but inside, there’s so much heating sometimes I’m even hot!! So you can’t even imagine how hard it was to pick what to wear for this edition of fashion week! The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to wear black, so that’s how this first outfit came to life, with beautiful pastels. Don’t worry, I didn’t freeze to death! Most of my time was spent indoors and although it might not seem like it, I AM wearing tights!!

My experience during fashion week is probably a lot different than what you will see from other bloggers, since I’m working as a host for a TV channel, it’s not all glamour! We actually start working 2 hours before the show starts in the backstage, doing interviews and learning more about what we are about to see. It’s so much fun, but as you can imagine, this is done on your feet so trust me, it’s not a time to wear heels! That’s why for day 1 I decided to wear sneakers and believe me, my feet were thankful!!!








Dress: SheInside

Coat: SheInside

Shoes: LightInTheBox

Bag: Forever21

Beanie: Etsy