marialejandra marrero

  • Outfits NYFW

    15 septiembre, 2014 | moda


    Good morning loves! Here is my latest video on my spanish channel, I wanted to share all the outfits I wore for fashion week in one place and ofcourse, show you chaotic New York City!! ————– Buenos días preciosas! Aquí les dejo mi video más reciente, quería compartir los outfits que utilicé en fashion week …

  • Hello, Fall!

    14 septiembre, 2014 | moda


    This is my first time living in a place with 4 seasons, we moved here during the summer and by the time September came around and it was still hot outside I wondered…. When is fall coming? For some reason I always pictured it to be a transition, with each day being cooler than the …

  • NYFW Day 3

    12 septiembre, 2014 | moda


    Third day of fashion week for me and sooo many shows and back stage to cover! I must confess, I wanted to wear anything BUT heels, my feet were killing me, but you gotta do what you gotta do!! I chose to wear a bright orange jumpsuit which is totally new for me, I love …

  • NYFW Day 2

    10 septiembre, 2014 | moda


    Good morning loves!! Our second day in NYC was my first official day at fashion week and at first I didn’t have any shows scheduled, only a meeting with my team at Fashion One TV that will be with me covering the whole event. However, surprise, surprise! I ended up in one of my favorites, …

  • NYFW Day 1

    9 septiembre, 2014 | moda


    Good morning gorgeous! Today I’m back home and you have no idea how good it feels, unfortunately it’s just me… My bag got left back in NYC!!! We got to spend an amazing 4 days in the city for my first New York Fashion Week and it was definitely a new experience that I’m so …